Sendachi is a global technology and services company. We work with you to build projects, increase your velocity and leverage new technologies so you can ship whatever you want, whenever you want, with higher quality and lower cost.


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“We have increased our productivity by more than 60% across the teams in less than two sprints”
“We can move to weekly releases, even sub-weekly releases for pieces of the system”
“Whilst releases were previously on a 6-monthly basis, new software is now shipped into production daily”
“The CI piece has been used for some of the teams for about 1.5 month and the rollout has been a great success. We are now able to seamlessly upgrade and scale our tools at our own leisure”
“Sendachi delivered a phase 1 of the automation on time and were constantly iterating and evolving the platform alongside us. We happily engaged them further on when our own team was brought in to help transition”
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We rapidly immerse to immediately recognize organizational patterns, gaps and challenges.

We bring in a small contingent of our highly skilled talent to observe your organization and processes in action, leveraging their real world experience to immediately understand and map your current state, including organizational structure and dynamics, skills, methodologies, architecture, tools and technology.

Where appropriate, we can support this with structured maturity assessments in order to baseline performance and provide a foundation for quantitatively measuring progress.

The immersion process typically takes two weeks or less, resulting in a uniquely crafted game plan for change.

We assemble a team to work alongside you on your most suitable or strategic projects.  By pairing at a team level we can generate immediate access to value for our clients.

We always work with a dual delivery + up-skilling mandate: accelerate project delivery whilst simultaneously influencing the culture and ways of working within the organization.

By delivering in short, iterative sprints that provide a series of shippable increments we quickly demonstrate the value of the tools and new ways of working that are being applied while quickly incorporating feedback.

Understanding that transformation isn’t a destination, but a path, we work with your leadership to create the most effective way to put you on that path.

We create a walkable (or runnable) roadmap specific to your circumstances and needs that orchestrates this evolution in a way that is consumable in the context of your existing culture, organizational structure, technology and skills while driving you through a series of increasingly progressive stages aimed towards achieving self-sustaining continuous improvement.

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